The Student Administrative Council (SAC), with offices located at the Welland, Glendale and Maid of the Mist campuses, is the governing and legislative body of all students. Its members are elected annually as representatives of the student body.

The council sets and administers the student membership fees. SAC, in conjunction with the director, Student Services, is also responsible for athletic and extracurricular, social and academic functions, e.g. peer tutoring, peer advising, grad books and the student handbook.

SAC also serves as liaison between the student and the college administration.

After Hours in Welland, the Alexander Davidson’s at Glendale, and the Maid of the Mist student area are student-funded areas and a central meeting place for social and recreational purposes.

The Student Administrative Council (SAC) are eight students from both the Glendale and the Welland Campus. The members of SAC work hard everyday to help out their fellow students in anyway they can.

SAC is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the students of Niagara College. The Student Administrative Council is the voice for the students.

The Student Administrative  Council Inc. provides students with many services, information and events.  SAC is “Students Working for Students”.

The SAC’s role in student life and the college

The Student Administrative Council participates in many committees to assure that student life around the college is continually being improved. SAC actively participates on committees to ensure the voice of the students is being heard.

Student Centre Management Committee (SCMC)

This committee meets at least once per semester to discuss issues regarding campus student centres operations.

Members of this committee:

  • SAC President
  • Executive Committee Members approved by Board of Directors
  • Three College Representatives
Members of this committee

Fee Protocol Committee

This committee meets several times a year to review college fees. The committee approves all adjustments made to fees charged to students. All recommendations are passed on to the Student Administrative Council’s Board of Directors and the College’s Board of Governors for final approval.

Members of this committee:

  • SAC President
  • Executive Committee Members approved by Board of Directors
  • College Representatives

Student Technology Enhancement Committee

This fee is to provide students with the most current technology available. This committee meets every year to review previous student technological items and to establish the following year’s budget and technology needs.

Members of this committee:

  • SAC President
  • Executive Committee Members approved by Board of Directors
  • College Representatives
The Students at Computer Engineering Lab

Universal Bus Pass Committee

The Universal Bus Pass Committee will oversee and ensure the functionality, accessibility and service of the bus system to ensure the needs of Niagara College students are being met.

Members of this committee:

  • President ex-officio (chair)
  • Two Student Administrative Council Board of Directors members as appointed by the Board of Directors
  • One College staff member as appointed by the College and approved by the Board of Directors
  • One full time Student Administrative Council Administrative staff as appointed by the Board of Directors

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is to ensure that the Niagara College Student Administrative Council Inc. is well known by our shareholders and to continually strive to improve advocacy, student satisfaction, sustainability and community involvement while maintaining successful operations.

Members of this committee:

  • Chair (to be determined by the Strategic Planning Committee)
  • President
  • Executive Vice President – NOTL
  • Executive Vice President – WC
  • Board of Governors Student Representative (or student member appointed by the Student Administrative Council)
  • General Manager
Members of strategic planning committee

Charity Ball Committee

The Charity Ball was started by the Student Administrative Council in order to collect donations on an annual basis for the Student Food Bank at Niagara College that is run and maintained by the student government.

The members of the Niagara College Student Administrative Council not only enjoy helping their fellow students at Niagara College, but also wanted to give them a semi formal event during the school year to have some fun.

This was the reason that the Charity Ball committee was formed and chaired by the Director of Programming and Student Events (SAC). The committee was formed and all students in Niagara College were invited to be part of this committee to help with the organization of the gala.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has a meeting once a month to discuss issues between both Niagara College campuses. The members of the board of directors make important decisions for the corporation.

The board members are responsible for managing the affairs of the corporation in order to represent the students best interests. All decisions made by the board of directors are approved through voting procedures laid out the Student Administrative Council’s constitution.

Constitution and Bylaws

The Niagara College Student Administrative Council Inc. Constitution & Bylaws are documents that set forth rules and regulations governing the Niagara College Student Administrative Council Incorporated. SAC adheres to all these governing regulations in its day to day operations.

In order to better serve the students of Niagara College, the Constitution is reviewed by the SAC Board of Directors every year to ensure that it is up to date. All proposed amendments are put forth to the membership for approval at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

All members of the Corporation, are invited to attend the AGM and are required to have a valid Niagara College student ID to vote.

Campus Life

The Student Administrative Council provides the students of Niagara College with many different services to enhance students life at the college. All executive committee members work hard to provide student services and events to help students enjoy college life.

Technology east entrance of the Niagara College

Each Niagara College campus has its own representatives of the Student Admistration Council to better represent the student body at that campus. Each campus has a President, Vice-President Student Affairs, and a Vice-President Student Events.


Aside from education, one of the most important aspects of college life is the people you meet, the sharing of ideas, and the friends you make.

A part of college life are clubs that exist for those with common interests – whether those interests are purely academic, purely social, or a mixture of the two. Clubs can range from those of an academic flavour, to those concentrating on religion, sports, ethnicity, culture, or anything else that you desire.

The Niagara College students smiling

Special interest clubs and associations are a part of the many extracurricular activities available. A club or association is a way to meet other people with whom you have something in common. Students may join any existing club or choose to start a new one which must be authorized by the Student Administrative Council.

The Niagara College Student Administrative Council help to bring together students who share your interests, hobbies, and educational goals, by creating clubs for the sharing of ideas, information, time, and company. With the size of the student body, chances are good that if somebody wants to start a club in something is interested in, so does someone else.

Food Bank

The Student Administrative Council Food Bank is available at no charge to Niagara College students. Products include dry, canned, personal hygiene goods, and pasts. The food bank is located in the SAC offices of campus. The food drive begins in November of each year.


The Student Administrative Council designs and distributes the Niagara College Student Handbook every year. The handbook is full of useful information for all students of Niagara College. The handbook consists of the calendar of all events, exams, holidays and other important dates.

At the beginning of the year students are entitled to one handbook each. First year students will receive the handbooks in their orientation kits. Second, Third, Fourth Year and Post Graduate students may pick up their handbook in the SAC office at campus.

Social Activities

Many social and special events are available to students. Dances, sports excursions, ski trips, formal and informal evenings and social mixers are regularly hosted by the college, SAC or one of the many clubs and organizations.

Athletics is a large part of life at Niagara College. Niagara has many different sports teams.

Black Board

Blackboard is a brand new type of e-learning that Niagara College is beginning to use. Many faculty members have begun to use this tool as a way to teach students at the college.

Peer Tutor Assistance

Peer tutoring is a free service to Niagara College students who are temporarily confused about their subject matter, who may be failing or borderline in their grades or who need to learn good study habits.  Tutoring sessions take place during school spare periods.  Any students receiving grades over 80 percent are eligible to be tutors and will be paid for their services.  This program is subsidized through the Student Activity Fee and Jobs Niagara.

One student tutors with other student

Niagara College Student Administrative Council Health Plan

When somebody registers as a full-time student, paying full-time fees for the September term at Niagara College, he is automatically charged for and covered by the Student Drug and Dental Plan. Part-time and co-op students may not be automatically covered; however they may opt into the plan.

Those students who do not wish to remain on the Student Drug and Dental Plan and can provide proof that they already have comparable coverage on their own to opt out and receive a refund less the non-refundable administration fee. 

Student Drug and Dental Plan Card

In order to use your Student Drug and Dental Plan, student will need to present his student card and the plan information card (available in your student handbook) to the pharmacist and/or dentist.