If you are a fee-paying, full-time student at Niagara College, you are entitled to the NCSAC U-Pass.  This is a mandatory fee of $140/semester for every active semester you’re enrolled as a student.

Based on results of a successful student referendum in February 2018, your NCSAC worked hard over the summer of 2018 to bring some major changes to the U-Pass portfolio.  The Niagara Regional is comprised of 12 different municipalities and many of them are working together to transport people around the Niagara Region.  Your NCSAC is currently working with Niagara Region Transit, Welland Transit, St Catharines Transit and Niagara Falls Transit who are the major transit systems within the Niagara Region.  We also have arrangements with Pelham Transit, Fort Erie, NOTL Transit and Port Colborne to ensure we’re covering as much of the region as possible.

Please understand that the transit system in the Niagara Region is a work in progress and we at NCSAC will continue to listen to you, our student members, to make adjustments and provide you the best possible service we can with the U-Pass revenues we collect.

Your NC Student Card acts as your U-Pass in combination with a holographic sticker which needs to be affixed to the front of the card (in some cities you need a numbered sticker on the back of the card as well).  If you do not have a U-pass sticker on your student card, then please go to the NCSAC office at your campus and we would be happy to help you.

Your U-Pass will work on Niagara Region (Regional) Transit, St. Catharines Transit, Welland Transit, Niagara Falls Transit, Niagara-on-the-Lake Transit, Port Colborne Transit and Fort Erie Connections. Please refer to the following links for those schedules:

If you have any questions, at any time, please email transit@niagaracollege.ca and we will be happy to assist!

Please note: Transit services are greatly reduced during May to August each year. There are NO direct runs to the campuses during Winter and Spring breaks.

For additional information please contact the SAC office, or visit the transit commission websites located on our this page.

Welland Campus: 905-735-2211 ext. 7659
NOTL Campus: 905-641-2252 ext. 4225



If you’re new to Niagara College, check out our  U-Pass FAQ page as it should help with some of your questions.