As a member of the NCSAC Transit Ambassador, your main purpose is to extend the reach of NCSAC on campus in terms of getting our messages out to the student body of Niagara College.

The Transit Ambassador volunteer will work with the NCSAC and Niagara College’s Office of Sustainability to organize educational sessions, events and activities related to the U-Pass (transit).

You will be expected to take on various transit promotional tasks including but not limited to: assisting with SAC Awareness tables, (Transit specific) word of mouth promotions, and much more! You’ll even help us communicate Transit Etiquette to students:

It goes without saying that by being a member of the NCSAC Transit Ambassador program you become, in a sense the NCSAC Transit student Eyes and Ears, and assist with educating Niagara College students
about Transit.

This opportunity is opened to all NC students who enjoy communicating about Transit, and engaging with other students. Time requirements will be minimal and voluntary, and made to fit in to school schedules.

While being part of the NCSAC Transit Ambassador program is considered a volunteer position, that doesn’t mean your efforts go unrewarded. Being part of the NCSAC Transit Ambassador program makes you an honorary member of NCSAC, and as such, there are many benefits for you to enjoy.

You will be amongst the first students to know of any upcoming transit updates, advocacy, events and initiatives, members-only prize draws, free swag, exclusive members-only events, and much more.

One of the other perks that come with membership, are that all of your work and experiences with the NCSAC Transit Ambassador program qualifies to be added onto your CCR.

Want to know more? Read our Transit Ambassadors 2016-17 Handbook!

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