1. Get your U-Pass ready: Among the top pet peeves of NC riders is waiting for others to dig in their pockets, purse or book bag for their U-Pass – especially during peak hours in the morning and evening.

2. Queue up: Form a line to board. Do not cut the line or push your shove your way onto the bus. Move aside to let people exit before you enter.

3. Move at the same speed as others: Whenever walking on the street, walkway, or staircase towards public transportation—again especially during high commute times. Keep pace with other students and transit riders – do not stop abruptly until you are away from the crowd.

4. Personal grooming and hygiene: Always bathe, wear deodorant, and brush your teeth before leaving as part of having good hygiene. If you smoke, carry and use breath mints just before boarding a crowded bus. Be cautious of wearing strong perfumes or cologne on public transportation, as it is often dangerous to those who are allergic to certain scents.

5. Stepping on board: When about to enter always stand away from the doorway—either to the right or left—to allow space for exiting passengers. When exiting, let a person with a stroller, a senior or disabled person, or someone with large parcels exit first.

6. Move to the rear: Whether the bus is crowded or not, always move toward the rear so other passengers can board. Drivers are instructed to pass up stops for safety whenever the bus becomes full. But often it’s only full in the front, with the back of the bus still empty.

7. No seat hogging: Choose one seat in which to sit. Do not take up extra seats with your bags or recline across multiple seats.

8. Be respectful to the driver: Listen to the bus driver if they are asking you to do something as student/passenger safety is their top priority.