What is the NCSAC VOICE?

The NCSAC VOICE (Volunteers of Innovative Communication Efforts) is the official student led promotional team of NCSAC dedicated to providing a fun and positive way to convey the messages, products, events, and services of NCSAC to the student body of Niagara College. You will be expected to take on various promotional tasks including but not limited to: assisting with SAC Awareness tables, word of mouth promotions, guerilla marketing campaigns, and much more! It goes without saying that by being a member of the NCSAC VOICE you become, in a sense the “Voice” of NCSAC. The NCSAC VOICE team is a fantastic opportunity to positively impact campus life and gain a great experience. Most importantly, the NCSAC VOICE team is fun volunteer experience that goes towards your Niagara College Co-curricular Record.

*P.S. Be prepared to participate in random flash mobs and other crazy out of classroom experiences if you desire to*

What is the time commitment?

Members of the NCSAC VOICE team will be required to attend one (1) mandatory “fireside chat” style chat each month where they will have a chance to sit with the NCSAC Board of directors to discuss upcoming events and services planned, as well as any issues, complaints, or ideas they hear circulating around the college. Aside from that, all hours are voluntary and revolve around school schedules. Members can take on as many or as little hours as they please.

What are the benefits?

  • Be the first students to know about events and cool opportunities
  • First dibs on events/excursions with limited availability
  • Free swag
  • Members-Only prize draws
  • Opportunity to win volunteer awards
  • A fun experience to add to your CCR
  • A fantastic marketing/promotional experience

Still interested? Download the 2016-17 The Voice Handbook now! or apply below!