We get it, the S word is floating around a lot right now. By ‘s-word’ we mean strike. As post-secondary students, you’re going to want to know every piece of information, and be as educated on this topic as much as possible. Right? Of course, that’s why you’re in post-secondary to begin with.

Please use this page to do exactly that! Below are a series of questions you might be asking, and the answers you’re looking for. Your NCSAC will be continue to bring you all the information you need! In the end, we want what is best for the students and we have their best interests in mind.


BEFORE YOU READ OUR FAQ:  The best piece of advice that NCSAC can give you, is to continue studying your material, studying for your exams and act as though it’s business as usual.  No one is 100% anything will happen and you need to be prepared in any case!


Question – When will know for sure if there’s going to be a strike?

There are many factors affecting when we will find out 100% about the strike.  If both sides continue to stay at the bargaining table today, we will likely find out at 12:01am (Monday morning).  NCSAC will inform you as soon as we know and will post a lot of information within minutes!


Question – Is there going to be a strike on Monday, October 16th?

At this point, all indications point to some sort of job action happening on Monday, October 16th, so there is a high likelihood of a strike.


Question – When else could the strike happen?

The Faculty could decide not to give notice over the weekend and therefore not walk-out on the October 16th date.  Now that they have given their 5-day notice, stay tuned on October 15th for the announcement (likely at midnight).


Question – Will the buses be running in the case of a strike?

Yes, the buses will all run as usual in the case of a strike for the week of Oct 16-Oct 20 with new temporary stops off campus.  During Break Week (Oct 23-27), the buses will run on a reduced schedule regardless of whether there is a strike or not.

The buses will not cross the picket line, so NCSAC will work with our providers to ensure alternate stops outside each campus are established.


Question – I’m schedule to graduate on Friday, October 27.  Will Convocation still be taking place?

Yes, Convocation is happening as schedule.  There will likely be picket lines at the College entrance, so please leave yourself lots of time to get on to campus and carpool with family where ever possible to reduce wait times.  Click here for guidelines on how to cross picket lines.


Question – What are the Faculty and Colleges negotiating over?

This is a complex question as there are a lot of factors that go into bargaining.  NCSAC understands that both sides have demands.  The links to both parties are provided below, so please go ahead and educate yourself on the “asks” from both sides:

Faculty Union: https://opseu.org/sector/caat-academic

College Employer Council: https://thecouncil.on.ca/

NCSAC encourages both sides to continue talking and hope for a resolution before the possibility of a strike occurs.


Question – If there is a strike, what will happen to my semester/year?

This depends on how long the strike goes (IF there is one) and also what the strike looks like.  If the strike is a couple days, course content will likely continue as planned.  If the strike continues for a couple of weeks, the College will have to work to adjust semester lengths with the goal of ensuring students can complete their year on time.



Question – If there is a strike and it ends before Break Week (Oct 23-27), will there be classes that week to make up for lost time?

No, you will get your break week (Oct 23-27), whether an agreement has been reached or not.  Go about your plans as usual for this week!


Question: If there is a strike, can I still access Blackboard?

Absolutely!  You won’t be able to get in touch with your Faculty, but you will have access to your course material.


Question – If there is as strike, can I still study on campus?

Yes, facilities on campus, such as the Library, Student Centres, Student Commons, will still be open and available.  Some facilities will be offering limited services, but because Support Staff are still working, the only major disruption will be classes not running.


Question – During a strike, what else would be open on campus?

NCSAC will keep its offices and operations open with “business as usual” for the strike.  Please refer to the College FAQ/website for the latest updates in regards to campus facilities.


Question – I live in Residence, will Residence and food venues still be open?

Yes, Residence and food operations will be available likely with some adjustments to hours of operations. The Core (Welland) and The Armoury (NOTL), along with both Shack locations will be operational.


Question – Will I be allowed to contact my instructor if I have questions about assignments, during a possible strike?

Faculty will not have access to their @niagaracollege.ca email accounts. Contact with them through that channel will not possible.  Faculty are not able to communicate with their students, as that will be considered ‘working’.


Questions – Will there be picket lines to cross in the case of a strike?

Yes, there will likely be picket lines in the case of a strike.  We ask that anyone crossing the picket line and wishing to come into the school, does so in a respectful manner.  We get it, everyone will be frustrated if there is a work stoppage, but we must remain respectful to each other.

Please click here for specific guidelines to follow when crossing a picket line


Question – How long may a strike last?

No one really knows the length of a potential strike.  We just encourage both sides to meet and continue towards a resolution!


Still have questions?

Please visit the Niagara College “strikeFAQ” page often, as their info will change frequently.