Guidelines for Crossing Picket Lines – October, 2017

It is the intent of the College to remain open for the duration of the strike. Part-time and full-time Support Staff and Administrative Staff are expected to report to work as scheduled throughout the duration of the strike.



Picketing activity may change throughout the duration of a strike and as such the following information may be modified at anytime.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus

  1. Picketers will be picketing approximately 80 feet onto the property to minimize any congestion/safety concerns at the Taylor Road entrance.
  2. The College will barricade the exit lane of the West parking lot.
  3. All staff & students are required to enter/exit via the main entrance.


Welland Campus

  1. Picketers will be picketing on Woodlawn Road and 80 feet onto the property on both entrances off of First Avenue.
  2. Staff & Students driving a vehicle to work will be required to park in one of four lots as follows:
    • Parking lot “G” off Woodlawn Road
    • First Avenue entrances lots “A”, “B” & “C”
  3. Chippawayan Boulevard entrances at Woodlawn Rd. and Rice Rd. will be accessible to the following groups/individuals only:
    • Safety Village employees and school buses
    • YMCA members
    • Child Care parents, staff and school buses
    • Campus Safety & Security Staff
  4. Parking lots off Chippawawayan boulevard and Rice Road will be barricaded.

The Union has informed the College that they will be conducting information pickets only which may result in minimal delays upon entering and exiting the campus.



Crossing a picket line can be a very anxious time for all parties.  The following suggestions may be of assistance to you.

  • You should expect delays and exercise patience when crossing a picket line.
  • Always be cordial to the picketers and avoid any provocation or confrontation.
  • Picketers most likely will share information with you about the reasons for the strike. Please accept their information handouts.
  • If driving, proceed cautiously and wait for clear access before advancing through the picket line. Oftentimes, a picketer will give you a signal to proceed.  Pedestrians or in this case, picketers always have the right of way and the driver of a car will most likely be found at fault if a pedestrian or picketer is struck by a vehicle.
  • It is recommended that drivers access the designated College entrances by making right hand turns into the respective campus. Drivers attempting left hand turns face the prospect of longer delays as they must yield to oncoming traffic as well as experiencing delays by the picketers.  If you do have to make any left hand turns to enter the campuses, make sure that enough space is available for your vehicle to get off the road completely.
  • It is most likely that a police presence will be at the designated campus entrances to monitor the traffic situations and help ensure the safety of all.

Above all, please be patient while crossing a picket line with an understanding that you will eventually be permitted to enter the campus. All non-striking employees/students are asked to adhere to the above stated information.



Although we are not anticipating any significant delay, we have established a process to follow should you find yourself unable to enter the College premises at the designated areas. In the event that you are experiencing delays, you must call the Strike Communications Center at ext. 7143 and a management representative will provide you with the specific instructions to follow at that time.

Management personnel and Campus Safety will be conducting regular walk abouts around the campus throughout the duration of the strike.



If you are uncomfortable in crossing a picket line, we encourage you to car pool with a co-worker.