These are the full-time professional staff that work for your NCSAC behind the scenes

Steve Kosh
Executive Director

ext. 7402

Karen Marasco
Business Manager

ext. 7853

Chris Williams
Office Manager – Welland

ext. 7658

Andy Hall
Marketing Communications

ext. 7255

Myra Pisano
Marketing Coordinator

ext. 7255

Jaclyn-Rae Tanguay
Events Programmer

ext. 7664

Student Services Assistant

ext. 4225

Jennifer Olm
Operations Manager

ext. 7660/4229

Heather Storey
Office Manager – NOTL

ext. 4221

Shelagh Clarke
The Shack Supervisor – Welland

ext. 6560

Candi Sider
Student Centre Manager

ext. 7660/4229