What is Niagara TV?

Niagara TV is a branch of the Niagara College Student Administrative Council used to promote student life, events, arts, entertainment, student politics and varsity sports at Niagara College.

Who is responsible for Niagara TV?

The simplest answer is: You.

Niagara TV was created to be 100% student-driven content. Each year, a dedicated team of Niagara TV staff and volunteers will be responsible for conceptualizing, filming and editing video segments that truly capture student life at Niagara College.

What kind of equipment are we working with here?

Good question. You can’t really put together quality video content without quality equipment, can you? Thankfully, through the help of STEC (Student Technology Enhancement Committee) we have an excellent equipment list which includes:

– Two (2) Shure sm58 Microphones
– Two (2) Sony UWP Wireless Microphones
– Two (2) Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Microphones
– Two (2) JVC GY-HM15OU HD Memory Card Cameras w/ tripod and dolly
– Four (4) Flolight Microbeam 512 flood lights with stands
– Two (2) Flolight Microbeam 128 day light flood lights
– Travel cases, power chords and SD cards

How can I become a part of Niagara TV?

If you have a question about Niagara TV or are interested in joining please contact Executive Producer, Stephen Orlowski at Stephenorlowski69@gmail.com or Adam Maiolo at amaiolo@niagaracollege.ca