These are the 10 principles that go into every decision we make from the simple day-to-day activities to the major choices made around the board room table.


1.Professionalism is at the heart of all we do.
2.Inspire inclusivity through active engagement with the collective voices of Niagara College Students
3. Be a crucial aid in helping Niagara College be the #1 college in student satisfaction
4. Quality should always supersede quantity in every decision made
5. Consistently utilizing innovative approaches to inform the student body of the crucial services provided by the NCSAC
6. Be transparent when representing the collective interests of the NCSAC
7. Be leaders in advocacy for the students of Niagara College
8. Be transformative leaders that are eager to learn, and always looking to inspire through their actions
9. Regardless of what it is we are doing, we work together as one unified body
10. Have fun in all we do.