What is the Class Representative Program?

The Class Representative Program (Class Rep) is a team of student volunteers that act as the chief liaison between the NCSAC and the students. NCSAC has important information that needs to be conveyed to the students and the students, in turn, have essential feedback that is required by the NCSAC to ensure that it is effectively representing its members. Class Reps actively participate in meetings held once a month where they have an opportunity to voice the opinions and concerns of their classmates. The Class Rep Program is a fantastic opportunity to positively impact campus life and gain leadership experience. Most importantly, the Class Rep Program is leadership experience goes towards your Niagara College Co-curricular Record.

What is the time commitment?

Class Reps will be required to attend  one (1) mandatory  meeting each month where they will be provided with  information and resources needed to replay back to their classmates. Meetings should not last longer than one (1) hour including time allowance for Class Reps to advise the NCSAC of any concerns/comments brought forward by Niagara College students.

What are the benefits?

  • Opportunity to exercise leadership and initiate change
  • Opportunity to voice the opinions, concerns and ideas of your classmates so that they may be addressed
  • Receiving first-hand information from SAC regarding student life and campus activities and services
  • A leadership certificate recognizing your contributions and leadership skills for excellence in the position and meeting the job description
  • Opportunity to win the NCSAC Class Representative Award at the end of the year
  • Leadership experience that can be added to you NC Co-Curricular Record

Interested? Applying is Simple.

Fill out the form below if you would like to be represent your class as a class representative.

Want to know more? Read our 2016-17 Class Rep Program Handbook!