The following rockstars on campus are your NCSAC board. They are the students you’ve elected to represent you! Their job is to make sure your student experience at Niagara College is the best it can possibly be.


“Welcome to Niagara College! I’m really excited to be your President this year, and to help make your time here at NC be the best experience ever. 

If you see me in the halls, feel free to say hi! Or, toss me an email with the link below my name.

Good luck with your studies!” – Ryan

Niagara-on-the-Lake Executive Team

Aman Arora
Executive Vice President

Vineet Bhatia
Director of Social Programming

Artem Mekshun
Director of Clubs

Tom Price
Director of Goodwill

David Obed-Okeke

Director of Relations

Welland Campus Executive Team

Ryan Krafft
Executive Vice President

Ceren Camoglu
Director of Social Programming

Marilia Fructuoso
Machado Welter
Director of Student Relations

Chelsea Mizzi
Director of Clubs

Liam Fitzsimons
Director of Goodwill