Let’s start this by saying WELCOME BACK! We’re very happy to see all of you filling the halls once again. This has been a difficult time for all of us, but we’re in this together and lets move forward positively. The following is a set of, “OK, so now what?” type questions you’re more than likely asking yourselves now that there has been a Yes vote to the offer presented to the faculty.

If you have a question you’re not finding in this list, please feel free to message our FB Page – @YourNCSAC and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Question-  Will my U-Pass work during the extended dates of the semester?

  • Absolutely! This strike was not your fault, and your NCSAC is working hard to get buses on the road for the new academic dates. Your U-Pass will be valid during the extended academic time.

Question – I asked a question to a Niagara College Department and I’m having trouble getting an answer: HELP!

  • Come to either of your NCSAC offices, or post your question to social media @YourNCSAC (FB, Twitter, Insta, Snap) and we’ll be more than happy to answer and get you the help you need!

Question – When are The Armoury, The Core, and The Shack going to be back up and running?

  • We’ve kept our outlets open during the strike to continue to service students that were on campus. We are now happy to return to normal hours. Need a great study space, that has food and drinks? We’ve got your back.

Question – When is the Rise and Shine Program returning? 

  • We will be operating the Rise and Shine Breakfast program from 8am- 9am on Tuesday, November 21st and Thursday November 23rd. Again, we’ve kept these going during the strike and will get more eggs and toast ready for you! Don’t worry, we’ll toss on an extra pot of coffee, too!

Question – Will the NCSAC office be open during the extended academic dates? 

  • Absolutely. If the college is open, and you’re here for school, we’ll be open and ready to help you in any way we can! That is something that will never change.

Question – So, my fridge is getting really bare… anything you can do to help me?

  • Your NCSAC operates the Nourishing Minds Program, we’d love to have you in to chat about this. This is available at either of your NCSAC offices!

If you’ve got more academic based questions, please visit NC’s FAQ page by clicking here

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