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Welland Clubs

Exercise is Medicine (EIM)

We are a group of enthusiastic students who are passionate about fitness and health. We are dedicated to promoting the physical activity and informing the community on the health benefits. We use physical activity as a disease prevention tool! Contact: Jenelle –

My Move

My Move is the way you reveal your personality and nurture your soul. It is not about teaching how to MOVE, it is about expressing yourself.
Contact: Ianina –


We are an academic club focusing on the study and application of light, optics, and laser technology! We meet to discuss project ideas, news from the photonics industry, and promote interest in the science of light! Contact: Adam –

Rainbow Knights Club

Rainbow Knights is a group for LGBTQIA+ and allies at Niagara College and community-wide to come together and support one another. Our focus is creating a safe and welcoming space for the LGBTIA+ community within the college to meet, connect and offer support in addition to advocating and spreading awareness of LGBTIA+ issues. We will create a positive presence within the college and local community through advocacy and will have opportunities to participate in community involvement. Contact: Sharaya –

NCSAC Merge Club

Merge is a Christian group of young adults from Niagara College and the Welland local churches who seek to create a place where everyone can belong, and where everyone is valued. We hang out, play games, host events and study the Bible. In the past we have done epic matches of manhunt, games of archery tag, movie marathons, cottage retreats and much more. We meet every Monday at 7:00 pm to hang out and study the Bible but we are always doing random events during the week. For more information contact Petra Lane at or join the Merge Welland facebook page


NCSAC Nerds and Geeks Club

The nerds and geeks have been around for a few years now and have always been a predominant club since our inception. Our goal has always remained the same, to be a group of fun nerds looking to make some new friends! Come join us in the learning commons everyday (across from the Cafeteria). Missed them in the caff and want to join? Email Brodie Spies –


NCSAC Magic the Gathering Club

We’re a fun group of players that play multiple formats, at different levels of competition. Come find us in the upstairs lounge of the Core anytime for pick up MTG games, email Philip at or find us on facebook Niagara MTG.


NCSAC Smash Bros. Club

The Niagara College Smash Club is open to all students of all skill levels and experience with the game. The community as a whole is very tight nit and welcoming. There are experienced players there for those who are new the game and interested in how complex fighter works, just as there are casual set ups for those that aren’t a fan of the fast pace competitive action. Please contact Dustin at for details on how to join.

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Niagara-on-the-Lake Clubs


Enactus is a business-oriented club that participates in the Enactus competition: Enactus at each college is supposed to come up with a self-sustainable business idea which will somehow benefit the community/environment, then, the club should implement the idea, and present the outcomes during the Enactus regional competition event. For more information on this club, please contact Blair Baxter. You can email Blair by clicking >

Society for Ecosystem Restoration

An environment-oriented club that is run by the horticulture and environment NC students. The club provides tremendous amount of hands-on experience in ecosystem restoration at the NOTL campus. Want to join the Society for Ecosystem Restoration? You’ll want to chat with Sophie Lafrance:

Office Administration @ Niagara College

A club based on the Office Admin program, it organizes a lot of educational sessions, networking event for OA students. In addition, the invite industry leaders to speak during their sessions. Are you an OA student, and want to mix with others? Reach out to Rachel Reid:

Human Resources @ Niagara College

A club based on the Human Resource program, it organizes a lot of educational sessions, networking event for HR students. In addition, the invite industry leaders to speak during their sessions. Want to chat HR with like-minded individuals? Join now by talking to Olivia Franko:

Deca U

A business-oriented club that participates in Deca U business case competition, the members of the club are provided with a real-life business case from DECA U and they are expected to figure out a solution for it, and present it during the national competition. Think you can help build the Deca U business case? Reach out today to Mehak Hussain:

Katori Martial Arts

A club dedicated to mastering the art of Katori Shinto Ryu (Japanese-style sword fighting). Want to master this amazing art? For more information on this club, you can chat with Tynan Larson-Caldwell. To do so email

Archery Club

A club dedicated to mastering the art of Archery. Think you’re the next Katniss? Larissa Lima is the one you want to chat with.

International Business Club

A club based on the International Business program, it organizes a lot of educational sessions, networking event for IB students. In addition, the invite industry leaders to speak during their sessions. For more information on this club please contact Brittany Kiers by emailing


A club that provides a safe environment for LGBTQ+ students to get together, make new friends, and discuss issues/concerns that LGBTQ+ people are experiencing. Looking to make some awesome new friends? Reach out to Alyssa Wolfe:

The Music Club

They are an amazing group of music loving students who get together and play covers, they also teach those who want to learn how to play musical instruments! Want to jam? Contact Konstantin Nigay. His email is

The Book Club

We are having fun at our meetings! Book Club is everything about developing critical thinking, sharing ideas and going beyond the generally accepted concepts and beliefs. If you are naturally curious and willing to be a part of a like-minded community, you are very welcome to join our Book Club, and to do so please contact Maria Chesakova,

Vogue People Club

Vogue People aspires to create a sense of timelessness, a kind of ‘forverness’, a style that is enduring. Want to learn more about the art of fashion? Contact Ninel Badko at

Destiny Club 

Destiny club exists to discover, impact, inspire, and empower future leaders. To help empower future leaders, chat with this club’s leader: Jemima Rubuye,

Law Clerk Club

LC@NC is a student association at Niagara College comprised of Law Clerk Students. We undertake to provide our members with networking and professional development opportunities to further enhance their educational and career goals. The President of the Law Clerk Club is Sarah Darling,

Mandarin Christian Student Fellowship

Mandarin Christian Students Fellowship is a community of Mandarin-speaking students within Niagara College, who are here to experience and express God’s love. Through studying the Bible and building genuine friendship within and beyond our weekly meetings, we want to live out God’s love in word and deed. If you are interested, you are more than welcomed to join us! The President of this club is Xueqian Liang,

Nerds and Geeks!

If you want to have fun, come out to Nerds and Geeks. We play boardgames, video games, and card games. If you want to express your inner nerd, come chat with Mitchell France-Wyllie,

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